Think Mobile

It is my goal to help you increase your relationships in 2013. Both professional and personal. While I’m not a guru I am just like you. I live life daily. One of my business partners recently did a talk call “Slow down to speed up”. One of the assets we have is our brain but we tend to only use part of it. We are 8 days into a new year and I wonder how many of us actually took the time to THINK about what we are trying to do on a daily basis. That’s why I started this post called ‘THINK MOBILE” I willing to bet that most of our decisions we make daily involve some mobile device. Be it a smartphone , Tablet or Laptop. As business owners we check our emails, get sports updates, weather and news. And yes Social media. So now I pose the question. How many business owners THINK MOBILE when you make a decision. Stay tune for more updates.

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