The most un-answered question?

Answer this question and you will grow your business ,stay top of mind, have loyal customers , increase your bottom line. Save time , boost moral and more. Don’t and you won’t . Chances are you’ve answered it when you started your business.  Maybe you answered it when you purchased your home.  Have you ever noticed someone who has been a loyal customer for years all of a sudden stop being loyal? You see, every business has to answer this question to succeed. Even a manufacturing business .  In order for a product or service to be sold , we must answer this one question . The answer will cause us to commit to what we started .  The answer is so simple , most people over look it.  As a small business and non-profit marketing consultant I’ve come in contact with people from all walks of life .  Some with more degree’s than a thermometer .  Even they don’t know the answer to this 3 letter question.  Why? Instead of asking , “How do I get more likes on my Facebook  page?” Ask yourself, “Why do I want more likes on my page?” Instead of asking How? Ask Why? How we do something or accomplish something is not as important as Why should more people like our page, open our emails, or buy our product or services. In my opinion if we were to ask the most successful businesses or Non-Profits what made them successful?  We would find a common thread. Every thing they did or every decision they made was for others benefit not theirs.  When we attach our “Why” to others the “How To” comes together.  When I sit down with a business owner or anyone  that I’m personally coaching.  One of the 1st.  questions I try to help them uncover is… ” Why would your customer want to like your page?”  The answer to that question needs to bring value to its recipient. So the next time we want to accomplish something, be it ask someone to like our page, open our email, etc., ask yourself, “Why should they like my page?” Hope this helps someone. Stay tune for my next post when I break down the word “Why”.


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