In my first post we uncovered the most Unanswered question, Why? I hope it made you think. You see , my best friend (and life coach) and the team of leaders he’s introduced me to all have thought me that the Why when attached to others benefit will keep you going when the how-to won’t .  You see I’ve found that to be true with me. That’s why I want to share this with you my readers. I’ve discovered my passion is helping others. Okay enough about me.


Let’s talk about the letters in the word ” WHY”

W: WHO are we communicating to? Are they new customers? Loyal customers? Prospective customers. Etc.

H: How will they benefit from your product or service?

Y: your motive . Your motive must line up with your Why

So remember help enough people get what they want first and you’ll automatically get what you want. Building relationships takes time. On or offline, be authentic . Be real. So if you want to separate yourself from your completion , invest the time to think about others first.

Now that we’ve answered the question WHY?  Let’s talk about some tools you can use to help you communicate your WHY. Constant Contact just updated their product suite to the “Tool Kit” One of the main focus of the Tool Kit is to help us think of What we want to do instead of How to. The focus is on campaigns instead of products. So if we take the “W” in why and answer the first question of Who are we communicating to? Where will they see the message?  What are we trying to accomplish ( our goal)? This will help us decide the type of campaign to run.

I’ll dig into some types of campaigns and best practices in another post.  Remember the “Y” should help you bring value to your customers.  Our profit is just the buy product of adding value to others.  Until next time make sure the answer to “WHY” is adding value to others and watch your business grow long-lasting loyal customers, fans and real friendships.

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