One Plus Two Equals One!

1+2=1 I know I just drove some mathematics professor crazy. I like to get people’s attention. Let me explain the 1+2=1 and  how or why I came up with that. The 1 represents the result of what you are trying to do. The 2 represents joining or connecting 2 sources together to produce the 1 (The goal, or objective) Here is an example.  It’s a New year and you want to increase sales this year.

So how do we do that?

Use my formula.


  • 1:increased fan engagement ,
  • plus 2: Toolkit and your customers
  • = 1:increased customer engagement

I recommend using Constant Contacts Toolkits to save your valuable time. The toolkit gives you one place to manage your online relationships.  Use the  Plus get some feedback from your customers.  Ask them what they want on your page.    Now craft a social campaign centered around your customers answers.  This is one way to show them that you value their voice.  Short on time?  I’m here to help

For more details on how to make the   1+2=1work for you comment below to let me know if you would like me to do a series on using specific was to grow your business with this formula.

I look forward to helping have the most prosperous New Year in your business.


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