Just like any other profession we all need coaching.  The internet is evolving.  With the increase in mobile usage and the ever growing social media landscape it can all be overwhelming.  That’s why we offer local training and workshops that you or a staff member can attend.  Most of these are free and cover topics such as:

  • Social media strategies

  • Engagement Marketing best practices

  • How to choose the right social media channel

  • Make the Connection

  • Think Mobile

  • The power of Email Marketing  & Social Campaigns

  • Setting realistic Marketing Goals

  • The benefits of outsourcing

  • Marketing vs. Advertising which one is right for my business

  • Engagement Marketing Best Practices

  • The Human factor when marketing

  • Benefits of Digital Coupons

  • Maximizing your Marketing Dollars

We offer hands on coaching and training Free to our Constant Contact clients.  Topics

  • Growing your permission based email list

  • Template Design

  • How to create a Social Campaign

  • How to create your Events

  • How to create your online surveys

  • How to grow your list using our tools for text, email, websites and facebook.

To schedule a training session or Hands on Coaching Click Here


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