In my first post we uncovered the most Unanswered question, Why? I hope it made you think. You see , my best friend (and life coach) and the team of leaders he's introduced me to all have thought me that the Why when attached to others benefit will keep you going when the how-to won't … Continue reading W.H.Y.


The most un-answered question?

Answer this question and you will grow your business ,stay top of mind, have loyal customers , increase your bottom line. Save time , boost moral and more. Don't and you won't . Chances are you've answered it when you started your business.  Maybe you answered it when you purchased your home.  Have you ever … Continue reading The most un-answered question?

Think Mobile

It is my goal to help you increase your relationships in 2013. Both professional and personal. While I'm not a guru I am just like you. I live life daily. One of my business partners recently did a talk call "Slow down to speed up". One of the assets we have is our brain but … Continue reading Think Mobile

Out sourcing

Out sourcing means many things to many people. To me it means team work. Here at MCBS we really do feel that when you higher us, we are now part of your team. We are either an extension of your communication team or we are your communication team. Our success is based on your success … Continue reading Out sourcing